Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I donate?

  2. Is Prolacta a for-profit company?

  3. Does Prolacta sell products to the hospital?

  4. How do I know if I am a candidate to donate milk?

  5. Will I have enough milk for my baby if I donate?

  6. Can I donate milk that I pumped, collected, and froze prior to being qualified as a donor?

  7. What equipment will I need as a breast milk donor?

  8. When can I start expressing milk for the milk bank?

  9. How should I prepare to express my milk?

  10. How do I clean pump parts while pumping for donation?

  11. How often should I express?

  12. Are all donor testing requirements the same for all donor milk programs?

  13. Why do you need to do DNA testing?

  14. What is qualified milk?

  15. How should I store the milk prior to shipping?

  16. How do I send my breast milk donation?

  17. Does Prolacta and the donor milk program have a confidentiality policy?

  18. Will only babies receive my donated milk?

  19. Where does my breast milk go once I donate?

  20. What if I only want to make a one-time donation? I've been pumping extra milk for months and I have too much breast milk.

  21. After lactation begins, how long can a nursing mother donate breast milk?

  22. What if I have taken medications?

  23. What if I am ill?

  24. Can I drink alcohol while donating?

  25. What do I do if I go out of town?

  26. What are Prolacta’s guidelines for milk storage?

  27. Does Prolacta participate in milk sharing?

  28. How do you determine the donor qualification and milk storage requirements?

  29. Will I be paid for my donations?

  30. Can I make a financial contribution to Helping Hands Milk Bank?

  31. How is Helping Hands Milk Bank affiliated with Prolacta Bioscience?